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Dog Home Boarding

The National Home Boarding Register is provided free of charge to anyone searching for an alternative to boarding kennels for their dog. Home boarding is often described as dog sitting, pet sitting, home kennels but is characterised by your dog living with a sitter, at their home, in an environment as near as possible to its own home.

For most of the year our dogs are loved and pampered by us; they enjoy our company and we theirs. Then, when we go and enjoy ourselves on holiday, they are put in a strange environment, kennels, which can mean many hours of solitude. Do you really want this for your dog?

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of dog sitters, per sitters and home boarders providing an alternative to kennels so carefully choosing a home boarder for your dog is an important decision. Click here to get a few pointers on how to choose the right dog sitter for your pet.


How much more would you enjoy your own holiday knowing your dog was being cared for by a loving family with all the creature comforts they were used to? Browse through this site to see how Dog Home Boarding may benefit you and your dog.

As dog owner's are becoming aware of this service it is becoming more and more popular so please try and book your carer well in advance of your holiday or trip away as places are always limited for this special type of care.

Other Services

Many of the companies and individuals who provide this service also provide other services including:-

Choosing a Dog Home Boarder

As with everything the quality and standard of services provided by the individuals and businesses listed on this site varies. The National Home Boarding Register does NOT check or vet any of the businesses listed and so you must make sure that you are happy to leave your dogs with any Home Sitter prior to your holiday or time away.

Some questions you might like to ask :-

  1. Do the dogs live in the house and where?
  2. Are the boarders insured and what does it cover? Ask to see the certificate.
  3. Where will the dogs be staying and can I visit the boarder before my holiday?
  4. Are the Home Boarders licensed by the local Council? Ask to see their license.

The Benefits of Dog Home Boarding

Here are just some of the benefits of this service :-

  • Your dog lives in a home environment
  • Any feeding regime can me maintained
  • You supply the food so there is less chance of any upset tummy that changes in food can often cause
  • At least 2 good walks per day or as your instructions
  • Playtime
  • Company (your dog is never left alone for long periods but check with the carer how long)
  • Please contact your local provider to discuss any special needs your dog may have

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